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Astrological insights into sticky relationships


This article by Vol-E was originally published elsewhere.

If existence is a wheel, it isn't the kind on a stationary bike.  It's more like a wheel on a car, constantly revolving, but also traveling the miles, exploring new territory through the years. 

In light of this, we may wonder why certain patterns seem to repeat themselves, defying the convention of moving with the wheel, learning from the old, embracing the new.  In particular, when someone returns to an ex-partner or ex-spouse repeatedly, is it karma or weakness? 

The best recourse is to conduct a reading on both parties - since returning to a relationship requires two partners who allow it.  Clearly, this repetitive pattern indicates something gratifying and compelling -- if not in a lasting way.  A qualified astrologer or psychic can offer the detailed insights that go far toward answering these puzzling questions. 

We might begin with a cursory examination of the 12 astrological signs, and what their presence in each person's chart signifies.  This is not unlike an investigator taking a quick glance around a room to gather immediate impressions on which to build.  Bear in mind that each sign described could represent the Sun sign, the Moon sign, the Ascendant, or a preponderance of planets in that individual sign, or the House it represents. 

Aries (1st house):  
The idealistic child who never gives up, Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior.  For Aries, a relationship is something to master, to conquer.  If Aries' partner "plays hard to get," Aries cannot resist the challenge.  Aries asks "How can s/he NOT love me?"  Failure is incomprehensible.  Yet, once the quarry is captured, Aries is easily distracted by the next brightly-colored, shiny object.  The Ram trots off, abandoning the relationship, only to return later -- "Has s/he forgotten about ME?  I can't allow that!"  Thus, the relationship is revived again ... for better or worse. 

Taurus (2nd house): 
The tenacious Bull loves comfort and simplicity.  This sign will return to an old relationship much the way we might enjoy putting on an old pair of jeans that we've "broken in."  Hard-working yet lazy Taurus appreciates walking back into a home where the furniture is old and comfy, the pictures on the walls are just to his or her taste, and the air even smells the same.  These sensory memories present Taurus with an irresistible lure to "pick up where we left off."  This means fewer new situations to get used to.  A partner with chart elements that resonate to this will take the bait. 

Gemini (3rd house): 
The legendary duality of the third sign of the zodiac enables him or her to return to an old love and say "Well, if you didn't like me before, here's an alternative version of 'me'."  Gemini is nothing if not flexible.  Presumably, his or her partner is also multi-faceted enough to present Gemini with its deepest need - variety and intellectual stimulation.  

Cancer (4th house): 
Cancer is famously tenacious and emotionally vulnerable, either in an obvious way (the "Moon Child") or beneath a mask of pessimistic moodiness (the "Crab").  Cancer has a long memory and an unquenchable desire to nurture.  You may be an ex-spouse on paper, but in Cancer's heart, you are their sweet child.  Like a parent, he or she will never truly give up on you. 

Leo (5th house): 
Leo's symbol, the Lion, is known as The King, and its planet, the Sun, rules over all the others.  Leo cannot help believing in his or her powers of attraction.  It's a lusty sign, seeking to have the last word in a partner's life.  "You've had the best, now forget the rest" might be Leo's love motto.  

Virgo (6th house): 
Virgo is inherently pragmatic, and capable of great emotional coldness.  Virgo will take the measure of the whole relationship, not just the partner.  Going back more than once tends to be for some concrete reason:  The partner's material assets, perhaps, or the children's welfare.  Sometimes Virgo's inherent humility is at work here.  Virgos often don't know their own strength or worth. 

Libra (7th house): 
Libras are ruled by Venus, so there will be an idealistic, romantic process behind their decisions.  Libra is also the sign of partnerships and justice, so they like to look at both sides of a question.  "Giving it another chance" naturally leads to encore relationships.  

Scorpio (8th house): 
Scorpio is a fixed sign, ruled by Pluto, the planet of all-or-nothing, and water, the element of emotion.  Scorpio may be the sign that says "If I can't have you, nobody will."  It is possessive and jealous by nature, determined to sustain even a bad relationship because it "hurts so good." 

Sagittarius (9th house): 
The idealistic Archer believes in "no limits."  If a partner promises freedom and adventure, Sagittarius will return.  Unlike Aries and Leo, this mutable Fire sign has no real desire to possess or conquer.  He is willing to forgive and forget (again) under friendly, non-binding circumstances. 

Capricorn (10th house): 
Like Virgo, Capricorn asks "What's in it for me?"  The partner may well assume an ulterior motive.  However, the ruling planet Saturn represents lessons learned.  Capricorn may choose a pragmatic path early in life, but return to a true love in old age, since this sign often becomes more youthful with the passing years. 

Aquarius (11th house): 
Aquarius, ruled by unpredictable Uranus, will return to the relationship that everyone else says will never work.  Aquarians are basically stubborn.  When they decide upon a course of action, they won't be persuaded from it.  And so, even if a relationship appears doomed, it isn't -- as far as Aquarius is concerned. 

Pisces (12th house): 
Much like its opposite sign, Virgo, Pisces is more prone to low self-esteem than most other signs.  However, Pisces is an emotional water sign through and through, with practical matters taking second place.  Returning to a failed relationship may stem from a need to feel protected or dominated.  The fish famously follows the path of least resistance...after all, you can only struggle upstream for so long. 

After perusing these general guidelines, consult an astrologer, reader or psychic.  Decide if your repeat relationship is destiny or your own inclination. 


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