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The Miley Wrecking Ball

This is a guest post from The Urban Blabbermouth. Comments are welcome. Vol-E picked out the illustration because she don't like ugly!


Miley Cyrus has brought a wrecking ball to her reputation as an innocent and sweet girl.  She is now a sexy sensuous adult woman. No subtlety here. The media has made a fuss, which is what she had in mind.  Many have said that she was over-the-top promoting herself, but how else to quickly and quite sharply change the world's image of you?   To  her, I say, wow and well done.

Don't you wish that you could do the same?  Imagine that one morning, you get up and realize that your life has been the same for the last five years and worse, your life has now started to go in a direction that you do not want.  What to do? How to change it?  Can you get up one morning and decide to be different?  Can you get up and be a superhero from this day forth?  That is what Miley has done. She got up, changed her life and the world in one moment.  How full …

It's still a new year!

I put up The Urban Blabbermouth's last post just minutes before he sent me this. No illustration because he's got yet another one set to go and I want to get a good picture for it. And then I need to gather my thoughts to write a tribute to someone who left the world a better place...  -V

New Year's Eve.  We party.  A lot of drinking, celebrating, and happiness with friends.  But do you stop to think that some of us are working.  Look around you at your party.  There are waiters serving you, chef and kitchen staff preparing your meal, the band playing dance music, and the bartender serving champagne.  All of them are working, earning a living, while you party, not noticing them nor realizing that they are there working.

Make a New Year resolution -- be kinder to other folks who work for a living just like you do.  Think of them and realize that it could be you too on the receiving end of someone's kindness.

I like something Zig Ziglar said, "When someone asks how are…