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Showing posts from January 13, 2014

Tell me a story

by The Urban Blabbermouth
~ Last week, I was in Wendy's Hamburger fast food for lunch. The lady behind the counter took my order and took a long time to get my food. I was annoyed. What a slow person! What's wrong with her? Come on, speed up. I got angrier and angrier. Why is she so slow!

I felt a strong urge to say something nasty to her about how slow she was.

I paused.

I have learned, the hard way, that angry remarks are not helpful and only make the situation worse as the other person also gets angry, feels the need to defend themselves, and to say nasty things too. To avert shouting anything angry, I stared to make up a story why this lady is so slow.

I can see her as a single mother raising a child on her own, say a little five year old girl who has the makings to become the world's fastest lady runner when she grows up, maybe faster than Usain Bolt. The mom is working two jobs and has spend the last eight hours on the first job. This is now her second job and her twelfth …