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Anne Frank, for the umpteenth time

Anyone who has ever kept a journal (or blogged) has probably compared themselves, however briefly, with one of history's greatest diarists, Anne Frank.

Anyone who's ever attended a public school. in the United States of America has read at least an excerpt from The Diary of a Young Girl.

I've read the book far too many times to be bowled over by the totality of the diary and its background (i.e. the Holocaust). But a fresh reading after 12 years or so is still worth reflecting on.

Anne received the diary as a birthday gift when she turned 13 in 1942, just weeks before her parents made the decision to go into hiding to avoid capture and deportation by the Nazis. She was "not yet sixteen" when she perished from typhus at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.In between those two milestones, she lived in very close quarters, often under straitened conditions, with her mother, father, sister, a family they were close to, consisting of husband, wife and son, and a ret…

Motherly advice from a Father

By The Urban Blabbermouth

One of the crucial and most embarrassing conversations to have with your daughter is to tell her about boyfriends.  One has to be sure to give her advice, otherwise she will learn on her own and make some pretty stupid mistakes.  This conversation is necessarily short as men are notoriously poor at giving advice to women and father-to-daughter advice fares no better.  But do be careful.  Boundaries must be maintained so as not to intrude too much into her privacy or worse, to show her how you were a cad in your years as a boyfriend.

So here it is: a daughter should have three boyfriends at all times.
Boyfriend No. 1 is for sociability.  This is the guy you hang out with.  He is the one who you talk to, who takes you shopping and is your best friend. Boyfriend No. 2 is the wallet.  He is the one to call when you are spending big bucks on trips or expensive purchases. Boyfriend No. 3 is for the bedroom.  This i…