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Used Marriages for Sale

by The Urban Blabbermouth ~ I heard a commentator on TV say that the divorce rate is falling.  Here are his reasons: Fewer people are marrying so less people to divorce. People are marrying at the end of their twenties rather than the start of their twenties.  The result is that a more mature person makes better decision in choice of a partner. People are living together as couples then marrying later.   This trial period does eliminate lots of bad choices of partners.I have a simple solution to the divorce problem.  Are are you ready for it? Have marriages expire every five years.  You will be able to trade in your spouse every five years.  Sounds more like a Used Car commercial. "Marriage turned into a lemon? TRADE UP, not down!  Trade in and GET the latest model!  Great new  features to choose from:  wisdom, maturity, compatibility, same interests, more sex, better looking, and... you can even pick the color and the gender of your new spouse!"
If it sounds…