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Creepy vs. Kooky

I'm taking some liberties here. I went to all the trouble of creating an "Addams Family vs. Munsters" quiz on FunTrivia, only to learn that the category is closed for the time being.

So, if you want some mindless entertainment, try this quiz; use the comments for your guesses. The correct answers with notes will be published a week from today.

~ In the mid-1960s, TV viewers could be “haunted” by two sitcoms that portrayed morbid monsters as the satiric versions of wholesome families seen on such shows as “Father Knows Best,” “Leave it to Beaver,” and several others.
While the shows ran on rival networks, they had many things remarkably in common. Test your knowledge of these two classic comedies.
1.         Which of the two shows debuted first?
a.         The Munsters
b.The Addams Family
2.         Which of these combinations is correct?
a.         The Addams Family, on ABC, Friday nights
b.         The Munsters, on NBC, Tuesday nights