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The Genetic Olympics

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by The Urban Blabbermouth
The British Medical Authorities have approved "Three-person Babies".  This means that three humans, not just the usual two, will contribute genes to a baby.  It is a medical treatment to repair some types of genetic defects.  That's the good part.  The bad part is now we are arriving completely unprepared for the Age of Designer Babies. 

Some consequences are obvious: the creation of super humans who take over the world and leave the rest of us behind.  See the movie Gattaca for this exploration.  The more interesting development to me is that we will now have human species specialization.  We will now have humans who are very very good at only one thing, kinda like a Super PhD in being human.  

Let’s say we are watching the Olympic 100 Meter Dash where success is leg power.  Imagine that such an athlete will have a very small torso, considered dead weight that slows them down, and legs as big as a horse to run the 100 meters in five seconds.  In short, we will have created real life Centaurs.

We can create very very smart humans too.  There will be humans with very large brains and very big heads but with very tiny bodies.  Real life characters of Pinky and the Brain.

It's the parents who get to decide on your specialization during a visit to the pediatrician.   So, instead of looking at your God given skills and using that knowledge to decide what you want to do with your life, your parents will decide for you before you are conceived.  Now parents can make their hopes and wishes for their children come true. 

The fly-in-the-ointment is that not all parents are cut out to be parents.  To fix this flaw, the first designer babies should grow up to create new and improved parents. 

That's how technology works.


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