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The Man with the Pointed Ears

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by The Urban Blabbermouth
The Master was meeting his former Acolyte for lunch.  She was his student for the last fourteen years.  It was an arrangement her father had setup more for his convenience than for her well being.  The Master had been her mentor, and when needed, her father when her father did not have time for her.  The Master did not always have life solutions for her but he loved her and helped her to grow into a strong and appreciated woman.

The Master chose McDonald's Fast Food restaurant for their meeting as he liked the mundane and ordinary decor.  It was quite a contrast with the travels of his interstellar life.

"How is your marriage going?" asked the Master.  The Acolyte had gotten married three months ago.

"It's good.  We are still learning to live together.  It is better than it use to be.  James is learning to be neater.  Just the other day, he said 'you know, I could be better about putting my clothes away."

"Wonderful.  How is the sex?"

"Good.  There is just so much of it"

"Is it good for you?"

"It's better."

"Do you have orgasms?"

"That's private, between James and I.  I don't want to talk about it."

"OK.  Hold my hands," said the Master as he place his hands palm up on the table.


"Have faith."  She held his hands.  "Close your eyes," said the Master. 

The Master closed his eyes and began to concentrate.  The nerve endings in his palms shifted slightly to align with the nerve endings in her palms and slowly connected to her nervous system.  He felt the connection and began sending electrical impulses through her nerves. 

He could not feel what she felt nor could he read her mind nor could he control her nervous system.  He was a diagnostic machine.  He could send  impulses to see if the nerves were working properly and to test parts of her brain. 

He found that the nerves that channeled neural impulses from her female parts through her body to her brain had a thin myelin layer.  It meant that she was not getting enough neural impulse through her nerves to easily trigger her orgasm.   Normally, the myelin layer found around nerves grows to a thick layer allowing for easy transmission of neural impulses.   Thin myelin layer could be forced to thicken by regular use.  The  Master began to send neural impulses through her nerves to trigger the build up of the layer.

The Acolyte began to feel a gentle warmth in her female parts.  It felt good.  Slowly she began to get moist.  She was feeling aroused and felt the desire for sex building in her.  She knew that the Master causing this.  Was this right?  She was married and had taken vows of fidelity to her husband.  Should the Master be doing this and should she stop him? 

The Master increased the impulses and the Acolyte felt the beginnings of a small orgasm.   Satisfied that he had done all he could to repair her nerves, the Master disconnected from the Acolyte's nervous system.

Still holding the Master's hands, the Acolyte opened her eyes.

"What did you do to me?"

"I connected to you and saw that you had an underdevelopment in your nervous system and I repaired it," the Master explained.  "It is something that I have not told you about.  I am skilled in a technique called The Mind Meld.  I can connect into other people's nervous system and sometimes I can see their ailment and I can help them.  Things between you and your husband will be much improved and will get better and better.  Do you mind?"

"I preferred that you asked me first."

"Would you have agreed?"

"I don't think so," she replied.

"I did not think that you would either.  You have not had enough experience and knowledge to know that this would help both you, your husband, and your marriage.  You will have to trust me that this was the right thing to do."

"I do trust you Master."

"Thank you Grasshopper."

That evening, and for the first time in their marriage, the Acolyte and her husband orgasmed at the same time.



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