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May The Force be with you


by The Urban Blabbermouth
Antonia Potter, the current Wand Duel champion of the Wizards, and Donovan McGreggor, the Jedi Knight champion, bowed to each other in the battle arena, then assumed their combat stance.  She stood at attention, wand in hand, and he, in the En Garde pose, light saber at the ready.  They were the finalist in the Galactic Protection Forces Psi Combat Championships. 

The PCC was a two rule contest - only  extra-powered humans of the Galactic Protection Forces were allowed to compete and Do Not Kill Your Opponent.  Contestants interpreted the Do Not Kill rule to permit near lethal wounding with the unwritten proviso that the wound would not eventually hamper the combatant's military career. 

This was the moment that the fans waited for.  Long have they debated which was more powerful: wand backed with magic or light saber backed with The Force.  The Experts in these things were thrilled as they too were busy debating what was magic and what was The Force and was all this different sides of the same effect. The PCC Combatants had no such debate as each was busy ferociously glaring at each other.     

Donovan's pose was an invitation to Antonia to commence the contest with a light saber duel.  She whispered Lux Lumina and a blade of green light grew from the end of her wand.  Donovan immediately leaped into the air at her.  Antonia twirled to the right to parry and the clash of the light blades erupted in sparks.  Thrust-parry-twirl-sparks, thrust-parry-twirl-sparks, they went.  With each twirl, Antonia stepped backwards, losing ground, and approaching the edge of the arena.  Donovan's blade flew in an arc straight to her right shoulder and quickly changed directions moving toward her torso.  Antonia conjured a force field in front of her torso to block the blade.  She was using her magic to counter Donovan's use of his Force to sense her movements.

Antonia teleported to the opposite side of the arena and roared Stupefy.  Donovan, without looking, reached behind his back with his light saber and blocked the spell.  The spell ricocheted into the audience stunning the twenty or so fans who were too slow to put up a defensive block.   Another reason for the No Kill rule. 

Donovan turned, smiled, levitated Antonia and flipped her on her head.  Upside down, Antonia glowered at Donovan as she flew across the arena and ferociously re-engaged him in the light saber duel driving him backwards.  The audience erupted into applause.

Antonia smiled recalling how much she enjoyed the last evening that she and Donovan were in this kind of sixty-nine position.  Distracted, she was not in time to parry Donovan's light saber swinging low, through her defense, to smite her on her head.  Unconscious, down she went and it was over.  Donovan was the Galactic Protection Forces Psi Combat Champion.


Vol-E said…
See, there really is nothing new under the sun, or any of the other stars.
Write on, my friend!
-Vol-E Wan Kenobi

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