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Love on the Hudson Line - A Nicholas Sparks inspiration

photo: The Ballerina Project

By Ben Franklin Schumpeter VIII

After many years of watching bits of "The Notebook" movie, I have finally managed to see it all.  The ending was too sentimental.  How many couples die of a broken heart at the same time?  Be that as it may, the movie inspired this little story, maybe as a counterpoint to all that sentimentality.

Meagan stood on the train platform patiently waiting for him to arrive. She had been doing this every morning for the last five years.
It started by accident. On that day, she arrived early at the platform and waited in her usual spot, and she chanced to see him. She had chosen a special standing spot on the train platform, one that would make it easy for her to exit at her stop. New Yorkers are like that, always working on ways to quickly get in and out of the train. She stood ten feet to the left of the Canandaigua Station sign. The sign reminded her that the Indians were here first and that she was now a part…