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An Arranged Marriage

Ben Franklin Schumpeter VIII
I can hear many saying that money can’t buy happiness or buy love.  Well, sure you can buy happiness or buy love.  I am doing just that right now.

I was driving my Maserati to my office in Beverly Hills when a story about the marital tribulations of Arnold Schwarzenegger, yup, The Terminator, came on the radio.  It occurred to me that Maria, his wife, was a happy woman up until the second that she learned of his infidelity.  One minute she thought that she was happily married and the very next second, shattered.  How was it possible to go from one extreme to another in a second?  I will tell you: Arnold was acting the part of a happy husband and Maria believed it up until that fatal second.  Clearly she did not know that he was acting, she did not know the truth. It was in this second that I knew happiness could be bought.