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Showing posts from October 5, 2015

Lucky Number 7621

by The Urban Blabbermouth
It is just amazing to me that when I open my spreadsheet at work, I see a string of continuous numbers, one after another, displayed on my screen and I can interpret the numbers to have meaning and significance.

The number currently attracting my attention is 7,621, which represents the amount of money in one of the company’s bank accounts. 

Another amazing thing to me is that the same number, 7,621, also has meaning and significance to other people:
The number of pennies in $76.21.The number of employees in their company.The number of people in a Chicago skyscraperThe number of leaves on a large tree in the park.The number of cars in a Las Vegas casino parking lot.The number of times you pick the losing lottery ticket in your lifetime.The number of times guys think amorous thoughts of women in a week.The number of people who will read this post and laugh.