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The Man with the Pointed Ears

by The Urban Blabbermouth
"How is your marriage going?" asked the Master Grelek of his former acolyte. Margret was his student for the last fourteen years. It was an arrangement her father had setup more for his convenience than for her well being. "It's good. We are still learning to live together. It is better than it use to be. Jimmy is learning to be neater. Just the other day, he said, you know, I could be better about putting my clothes away." Grelek and Margret were meeting for the first time since her wedding three months ago to the acolyte of another Master. Grelek chose to meet at McDonald's Fast Food as he liked the restaurant's mundane and ordinary decor, a pleasing contrast with the elaborateness of his Vulcan Monastery. "Wonderful. How is the sex?" "Good, Master. But, there is just so much of it" "Is it good for you?" "It's better." "Do you have orgasms?" "That's private, between…