Saturday, May 28, 2016

Breeding Humans


by The Urban Blabbermouth
We have now arrived at the point where science and medicine think that they can genetically engineer humans.  It seemed far-fetched to me until I read about genetically engineered foods.  We now have genetically engineered seeds, like soybeans, that are disease-resistant, grow fast, and produce more food per plant.  The article suggested that same techniques may be applied to humans.  

Chinese scientists have experimented on human embryos but so far have not attempted to go all the way to live birth.

I have doubts about our wisdom to genetically engineer humans.  But I have come to realize that we as been doing this genetic engineering on people for centuries. The place where this was happening was the ruling class of Europe.  For centuries, the kings, queens, princes, princesses, dukes, and so on would marry each other.  Most, if not all, of European nobility are related as family.  We call this Inbreeding.  Their motivation was not genetic engineering but a means to keep political and economic power amongst themselves by marriage.  A side effect was selective genetic engineering.

This style of genetic engineering causes some traits retained within the European nobility to be magnified.  We have all heard of the bad side, various disease that run among this kind of closeness but rarely, if at all, do we hear of the good traits that get magnified.  Was there at one time a super king in Europe? 

The European nobility now marry common folks so this genetic engineering has ended.  But humans are evolving and changing all the time.  We call this Darwin Evolution, a sort of a wild and uncontrolled genetic engineering.  Our problem is that we want to control it and move it in the direction we want, that of making an improved human -- still debating what is an improved human.  Hence our experiment in genetic engineering.

Genetic engineering scares me.  Science  does not know the consequences of genetic engineering into the future but scientists, today, do know how to do it.  Lucky us.  We may end up with a soy beans growing out of our heads.

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