Monday, September 19, 2016

You Ain't Goin' Nowhere

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by Vol-E

I think this week, we'll be partying like it's 1979.

If that reference doesn't ring a bell, it means you're under the age of 40. At that time, some of the middle eastern countries with the most oil to export got into a snit and cut off our supply. Gas was rationed; you could only buy it on days that corresponded to the number on your license plate. People got into fist fights at the pumps (more on that in a sec), and Jimmy Carter started seeing what was left of his presidential career fade with each passing day.

That was when prices went up over one dollar per gallon {gasp!}.

So now we have a ruptured pipeline from Alabama and the entire eastern seaboard will be affected. Here in Tennessee, the pipeline apparently bypasses us, but stations are already out because once people heard the news story, they all rushed out to fill their tanks, so now we have plastic bags over our pumps too!

I filled up Saturday night...wasn't super-low, but I generally take care of this on the weekends. First place I went had little "out" signs on all the pumps. That was scary; I wondered how many places I'd have to visit before I (hopefully) found one that wasn't outa gas. It didn't take long; the panic hadn't started yet. I usually try to be a good citizen and not top off my tank, but I made an exception this time.

So now we try to think ahead...What will the week bring, if the pipeline takes longer to repair than anticipated?

I am fortunate enough to live just two miles from where I work, and so theoretically I can easily walk it. I may start this tomorrow. The road that my job is on is not pedestrian-friendly by any means, but if fewer cars are out and about, it will be less dangerous to cross that intersection. Maybe there will be others out there on foot. We could start a club!

It will also be interesting, in today's super-volatile political climate, to see what the 2016 version of "fist fights at the pump" will look like. Hint: I hope they don't have a shortage of bulletproof vests; we may all need to get one. But then again, there may not be any gas to ration. It may be a moot point.

Good luck, everybody!

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