Sunday, November 6, 2016

Im gonna git u Sukkah

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by The Urban Blabbermouth [who may or may not be shown in the photo above... - v-E]
True story. I am walking to my car and I notice a couple of Jewish fellows, twenty somethings, with the bouquets of what looks like bamboo or palm. I know they are Jewish for they look Hasidic. They are wearing long black jackets, wide brim black fedora hats, and have curly sideburns. In truth, I classify all Jewish who dress like this as Hasidic although they may identify themselves differently. They are standing near the corner canvassing passersby.
One of the fellows looks me over and asks, “Are you Jewish?”

I look Jewish? This is a revelation to me. People have called me good names and bad names but Jewish is a first. Maybe he senses my love of bagels? Maybe he smells my bagel breath? Bagels are the only Jewish food that I eat regularly enough so perhaps I am now imbued with Jewish looks.

"No," I say, "what is that you're holding?"

He is kind enough to explain the bouquet. He says that they are plants - he names them - to symbolize scholars who study the Torah and those who don’t, and people who do good deeds and those who don’t. There is more and more explanations and I start to zone out.

I ask, "Do you get extra Blessings from God for this?"

Funny thing, a woman is passing by and he cuts me off and runs over to her and asks if she is Jewish. What she is, is pretty. I guess that even in this deep religious moment, a guy gotta be a guy and do some girl watching.


Vol-E said...

This is great. One of the best titles you've ever come up with.

The Urban Blabbermouth said...

Thanks. It's one of the rare times when a title comes to me and I had to make up a story to go with it.