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Showing posts from January 1, 2016

Getting a Late Start on Early January

by Vol-E

At Christmastime in 2014, I was enjoying the used desktop computer I had bought for a song from the I.T. department at my workplace. Things at home were a little awkward and out of order because my son Wally had moved in with us and we were still transitioning the office I'd used for 7 years into his private space. But for both of us, it was nice having an up-to-date, fast computer.
At least until just after Christmas. Then the new computer died with no warning. Having been without a reliable machine for some time, I was in the habit of saving everything to the cloud, so I didn't lose much other than the pleasure of typing with two hands and being able to surf to my heart's content. I simply went back to using my Android phone as a computer.
But just before that mini-calamity, I had suggested to my friend The Urban Blabbermouth that we post a recap of the year we'd had. It was embarrassing not to be fully able to follow through with something I had suggested, …