Monday, February 8, 2016

My Summer Vacation


by The Urban Blabbermouth
It was not my best day.  The summer sun heated my tea shop although I had open the front door and opened every window.  My customers added to my misery too.  They kept complaining about his lordship.  Always the same complaints, "his evilness this" or "his greediness that".  Too much talk and not enough buying.  I wanted to be away from here and from them.

Late in the afternoon, a footman came into my tea shop and ordered all my customers to leave.  Then, in walked his lordship.  He was resplendent as you would expect of the nobility in fine well fitted and expensive clothes inlaid with gold thread.  It made him glow in the sunshine.

His lordship had a strange proposal for me.  He suggested that we change bodies and that I become him for two weeks or so.  He said to think of it as a vacation from my life. 

I asked, "That is most generous My Lord, but why would you do this thing?   I am a struggling tea shop owner who works long hours, from morning tea to night-time tea, to pay my bills and to have food and a roof and you are a lord and own almost everything in the province."

His lordship replied, "I had a dream.  I dreamed that God commanded me to change myself with one of the common folk, like yourself,  to experience how you live.  I have chosen you because you are neither poor nor rich.  I will live your life while you live mine."