Saturday, February 13, 2016

Discount Love



by The Urban Blabbermouth
It’s Valentine’s Day and I usually post a rant on Valentine Day’s foolishness.  But this year, I am feeling, well, loving.  There is no explanation for it.

This year, I am well prepared.  I already have a gift and a card for my beloved wife.  It was more luck than a plan. 

One day, we had an arctic freeze and the temperature dropped some 30 or 40 degrees in twenty-four hours.  I am walking through the downtown area feeling cold and decide to stop in Macy’s Department store to warm myself.

I walk into Macy’s and I see sale signs every where.  They lure me over to the jewelry department with a humongous valentine heart sign with huge glowing red letters, “60% OFF”.  I ask the lady at the counter why it isn’t “100% OFF”?  She answers, “We are selfish that way.”  Oops. 

I pick out gold hoop earrings with some diamond dust sprinkled on it.  It’s pretty but the diamond dust just does not have any sparkly fire.  Dummy me, that’s why it’s 60% off.

My beloved wife will be happy.  I am such a good husband. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, One and All.