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I am better than you

by The Urban Blabbermouth ~
Here’s a question for you, who is the fastest man in the world today?Officially, it is Usain Bolt of Jamaica, West Indies.
Unofficially, it is someone else whom you have never heard of.Somewhere out there in the world, there is a man who is faster than Usain Bolt.You don’t know who he is and you never will. Although faster than Usain Bolt, this unknown man has no interest in running and so will not run the 100 meter dash thus never revealing himself to us.BTW, go in person to see Usain Bolt run if you can.You will be amazed at how fast a human being can run.
There may be another person in the world who is better at tennis than Serena Williams but that person has no interest in playing tennis and, in fact, may not like tennis at all.That same scenario applies to A-Rod in baseball, Tiger Woods in golf, and so on.
Let’s not stop at sports.Just pick your favorite trait and there will be someone better.There is always someone funnier, smarter, prettier, or nicer.The…