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Cinderella, a Fractured Fairy Tale

As told by The Urban Blabbermouth ~
Act I One fine sunny day. A herald tacks a proclamation of the King’s Ball on a tree by the forest road. The tree was a sweet Honeysuckle named Cinderella Cinderella was unhappy Her family tormented her Her evil step-mother and her wicked step-sisters were stinky Gingko trees Who spread their branches wide to spitefully block the sun
Cinderella begins to weaken and wither in the shade And pines for a nicer life.
Act II A Tree Fairy passing by stops to read the proclamation. Talks to Cinderella as tree fairies do Learns of her torments takes pity and grants a wish Cinderella wishes to go to the King’s Ball The Tree Fairy God-Mother transforms Cinderella into a human girl And her brown rough bark into a glittery golden gown Warning, be back by midnight or else.

Act III Cinderella goes to the ball. She happily dances and dances with the Prince The Prince starts to fall in love He wants to escort her home She lets him take her to the forest’s edge