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Showing posts from July 2, 2016

Bathroom Paradise

by The Urban Blabbermouth
I hate the bathroom at work.  Most of the time, it stinks.  I realize that's just how bathrooms are and the building's vents clear the air fairly quickly.  But in the few minutes that it takes to clear the air, I am in there and it stinks.

There is more to my distaste for the bathroom than this.  My colleagues are a mess.  They leave newspapers in the stalls, are sloppy about insuring complete flush, and are far too careless about placing the hand wipes in the waste basket.  Can these folks be this dirty and so unsanitary in their home?  I suspect not.  Senior management also uses the same bathroom.Maybe my colleagues are angry at the company for something or other and try to take it out on the company in this way.Maybe that works for them but it's a terrible annoyance to the rest of us.
Using the same bathroom must be horrific for senior management.Imagine that you are the all-powerful boss and you have to use the same bathroom as the lowest empl…