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It Doesn't Run in the Family, It Walks. Slowly.

By Vol-E

I always thought I looked like my mom from the nose up, and my dad from the nose down. My head is larger than average, like Mom's and those of her father and sister, and a couple of cousins. But it's rounder, like Dad's.

Both my parents had blue eyes; each was the only blue-eyed sibling among six! I inherited that eye color, and so did my son, despite his dad being a hazel from a family of nothing but browns. We have a new grandchild, by the way. It's too soon to tell what his eye color will be, but when he makes his little furrowed-brow frowny face, as though thinking of a particularly tough problem in string theory, he takes directly after his pretty mom.

We can talk about earlobe shape and the presence or absence of a tongue-roll. I never noticed whether or not my mom could turn her tongue into a taco, but I'll bet she could. She could also roll her R's, which I never could. I got the talentless-tongue trait from Dad, apparently.

As I grow older an…