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Spy School

by The Urban Blabbermouth ~ A new course must be added to the High School curriculum, Spy Craft.
Every day we are spied upon.It begins with our computers.The internet tracks us, what web site we visit, how long we stay, what we do there.I often visit Macy’s web site to see the sales of the day. On the next ten web sites I visit, I will see adds target to me for Macy’s menswear.My cell phone spies on me. The GPS tracks me like a cat stalking a mouse.Coupled to Google Earth, somebody knows where I am and what I am doing.
Cities are spying on you too.It began easily with toll tags.Now they watch you all the time.The City of Baltimore has drones watching the streets 24/7.When a crime occurs, the police “go to the video tape” for suspects. Your neighbors are spying on you too.There was a break-in at a home down the block from me.The police knocked on my door, not to find out if I saw anything, but to ask if the cameras of my home security system recorded the robbery.
We need a Spy Craft course …