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Locomotive Heart


by The Urban Blabbermouth
“How's my heart ticking, Doc?” asked the Tin Man. Wavy lines appeared on Dr. Konigsberg's forehead as his mouth turned down, “Hmm, not so good." The doctor disconnected the sphygmomanometer from the patient on lying on the exam table and closed the access panel in Tin Mans’ chest. Tin Man was fortunate. His doctor was Alvin Konigsberg, chairman of the Cardiac Engineering Department at Saint Joseph Plumbing Hospital and the All-England Doctor of the Year in 1884 and 1885. "You are maintaining a steady 80 psi but there is some deterioration in the valves. Are you changing the air intake filter? The valves are sensitive to dust contamination.” “Yeah Doc. I am using the same HEPA filters as the ones in my vacuum cleaner.”