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Beauty in the Game

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by The Urban Blabbermouth
Last summer, I went to the US Open Tennis tournament. I sat in the stadium behind a beautiful woman.  I didn't see her face but I did get a profile view.  She had lovely tan-brown skin, a cute nose, and no double chin. She had an athletic figure, judging from the trim muscular arms. Let's face it, she stood out because the other women in the stadium were, well, less beautiful. She was one of the many tennis players at the tournament that I did not recognize.

Or, perhaps, she was a model or an actress or something like that, who came from Hollywood to attend the tournament. In Hollywood, would she have stood out? Hollywood is filled with beautiful women, everywhere. Can you imagine that you are one of the most lovely women in the world and no one notices you because everyone else is beautiful too. What can you do to stand out? Why, engage in some outrageous behavior of course. 
Women go to Hollywood awards ceremonies red carpet events wearing a gown of meat (Lady Gaga) or some really incredibly ugly gown (every actress and model in Hollywood). One celebrity did not bother with a gown and wore a strategically placed body paint (Lil Kim). There was another who wore police crime-scene tape (Lady Gaga, again). 
Men at the US Open are not immune from fashion trends although rarely dress that way. Why don't women demand more scantily clad men? Do they prefer other qualities than more skin? Men's fashion seems to be wear more covering clothes. Shorts, as an example, are now long and baggy. 

Wandering around the tournament grounds I saw one man who did standout. He had a weave (a guess), dyed it brown, and styled it as dead-tree branches growing out of his head. Otherwise the men were all in the usual boring logo infested tennis wear.

I am waiting for a celebrity spectator to show up at the tournament in an all covering Burka with only the eyes barely visible. I don't expect to see that one because, how could you tell who it was? 


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