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This Awful Brew

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by The Urban Blabbermouth
Three peasants traveling through the countryside came upon a table in the middle of the road.  On the table were three mugs and above the mugs was a sign,  If you can drink this awful brew, you will be granted a wish.

The first peasant turned to his companions. "How bad can this brew be?"

The second said, "It must be terrible if the reward is a wish."

The third said, "Let's do it.  We cannot be any worse off than we are now.  We will make three wishes and share the rewards."

They agreed with the wisdom of the third peasant and so they drank the brew.

The three peasants woke on the cold floor in a gloomy dank cave with the awful odor of burned flesh stinging their mouths as they breathed.  Their worn, dirty rags replaced by beautiful embroidered silk robes and they were surrounded by books lining the cave's walls.

The first peasant looked around them and asked, "What happened?"

The second peasant looked at his fingers covered in jeweled rings, "I don't know, but I wished for lifelong riches."

"I wished for all the knowledge in the world," said the first, reaching out to take a book on Astronomy from a shelf near him.

Before the third peasant could tell his wish, the smell of burning wood filled the cave as a dragon appeared before them, head scraping the roof of the cave.  Flames emitting from its grinning mouth lightened the gloom, and wings spread wide stirred the warming air.  The growling dragon began walking towards them, happy at a chance for its favorite meal, roasted peasant. 

A cowering peasant asked the third, "What did you wish for?"

The third answered in a whispering voice, "I wished for a dragon of better tasting brew."

The first peasant shouted, "It's flagon, you fool!"


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