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10 Things I've Learned From Watching "The Walking Dead"

by Vol-E

As usual, I'm late discovering something that's wildly popular with 99% of the population. Thanks to Netflix and Boredom (not to be confused with Netflix and Chill), AMC's original series The Walking Dead has become my current addiction. If you are not familiar with the show and this blog post piques your curiosity, please be aware that this is not your parents' TV. The camera doesn't move away when the zombies move in for the kill -- in fact, you can count on close-ups every time and enough cranberry sauce, everywhere, to make you beg off Thanksgiving celebrations for the next several years, and probably convert to vegetarianism in the bargain. The word "splat" shows up a lot in the closed captions. In short, it's NOT for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. 

I suspect that most people, like me, tune in with three thoughts in the backs of their minds: 
  • What would I do if a zombie apocalypse actually took place?
  • How long would I last?
  • Is that how I walk when I've had a few too many?
Watching this show is like a crash course in sociology. You see the way some people behave and you want to shake them and yell "Snap out of it!" The worst villains in the series (I'm closing in on Season 7 now and there have been quite a few bad guys, ranging from corrupt cops to professional cannibals to bloodthirsty 9-year-olds) have abnormal reactions to the whole situation. Never mind these horrifying creatures roaming everywhere and popping up when you least expect them. No, these characters just want to play. They play with the zombies, loading them into big trucks and crashing them through walls and gates, just to mess with people. These diabolical folks are so smart -- why can't they put their intelligence to work putting back the Internet? I think one message you get from this show is, don't be so sure that the folks who bullied you back in middle school have faded into the past. They're just biding their time, waiting for the Z.A.

A few other things this show has taught me:

  1. 99% of everything you thought was "bad" turns out to be a first-world problem.
  2. Whoever invented embalming and cremation should get the Nobel Prize.
  3. Communing with nature, i.e. walking through the woods, is highly overrated.
  4. The US is an absolutely humongous place, once you remove all means of communication.
  5. You think you have insomnia now...
  6. We finally found something worse than mosquitoes. Turns out everything attracts zombies, but nothing, I mean nothing, repels them.
  7. All those pop-culture memes about zombies shambling along moaning about "brains" are inaccurate. Turns out, we go after theirs with a vengeance.
  8. All vehicles should have 4-wheel drive. And if you are trying to drive out of harm's way when surrounded by "walkers," you probably shouldn't try backing up.
  9. Carol (Season 5, Episode 13) had the right idea. Tell all the inattentive, smart-alecky kids what will happen if they don't listen to you. 
  10. Hot showers are wonderful. I knew this already, but it's now official. I'll bet the rate of daily showers has skyrocketed since this show hit the airwaves.


I am amazed by the behind the scenes footage that is shown during the "Talking Dead" show discussions, which shows the massive effort that is put into the special effects on the show. The F/X people there really really love their jobs.

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