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Encyclopedia Brown Bear

by The Urban Blabbermouth
At an age when other children decide to setup lemonade stands, Baby Bear decided to setup a detective agency. His inspiration came from his experience in the Goldilocks home invasion. If you don't know this well publicize crime case, Google Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Baby Bear ran to his community library and borrowed the famous guide, The Hardy Boys' Detective Handbook. Baby Bear spent the next twenty days, the library's lending period, studying the text. He chose the business name of Encyclopedia Brown Bear Detective Agency after his hero, Leroy "Encyclopedia” Brown. Baby Bear's dad hung the business sign across the garage door and opened a folding card table and four chairs in the driveway.

On the first day, the Big Bad Wolf came to see Encyclopedia Brown. The wolf was rather tall walking on his hind legs and he carried a black walking stick that matched his black fur. He swung the stick back and forth as if limbering up just before…