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by The Urban Blabbermouth
She wanted to fuck him, this stranger not her husband, right now, at her daughter's wedding reception.

Kathy saw him as he entered the reception room and greeted her daughter. A warm feeling formed in Kathy's chest. Her heart fluttered and her breathing quickened. The feeling moved to her stomach where she felt a hunger for him and could have hugged and held him to her for eternity. The feeling moved lower still and she felt him there too.

Her daughter introduced him as Jerry, a colleague. Jerry was a handsome man about her daughter's age. He wore an expensive suit, so there was some money there. Significantly, he wore no ring. Jerry greeted Kathy with a warm sociable man about-the-world smile. A bad boy?

Kathy recognized him as one of her soulmates. It was a fortuitous encounter. Although she had numerous soulmates all over the world - a situation we all share - they are exceedingly hard to find. 

Kathy's last encounter with a soulmate was her h…