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The Last Wizard - part 2

by The Urban Blabbermouth
~ Please read the first part of The Last Wizard before reading this part. Thanks.

* * * It was Mats’s eleventh birthday.  He sat at the pool-side table waiting for his birthday party to start. Robert, his teenage cousin, waited with him. A water balloon appeared over Mats's head.

“What???” Mats screamed as the cold water drenched him.

He stood, eyes blazing, looking around for the attacker. He turned towards the laughter, and there, across the yard, were his little sisters, the oldest holding a water balloon. Mats stepped toward his sisters, stopped, stretched out his arm and pointed his finger at them. The balloon rose from the girl's hand into the air and burst over the pair. They screamed as the cold water drenched them. Robert burst out laughing as he tossed a towel to Mats from the pool-side rack.

“See, that is what you get for being pests!” Mats yelled at them as he toweled himself.

“You are so awful. We just wanted you to loosen up so you will have so…