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Unlucky in Luck

fiction by The Urban Blabbermouth
~Happy Milestone Birthday from Vol-E!!~

My father died last month. I did not see him much in recent years. I believe that my father loved me and my mom, but his life just got away from him. In my early teen years, he started to drink to relieve the pressure of life and became a drunk. He was a mean drunk. His violence, fueled by anger, came between my father and mother. My mom left him and she moved across the country, taking me with her.

My father left me his most treasured possession: his lucky coin. It was a silver dollar. He found it on the sidewalk when he started his first job as a grocery delivery boy. He took this to be a lucky sign that he was going to make it in this world, to be a rich and successful man. With the start of each new business venture, he would bring it out and show it to my mom and me, saying, "This coin is Manna dropped by God in my path to tell me my future fortune. This time, the coin will do its work and we will be …