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Showing posts from June 23, 2017

What Not to Watch

By Vol-E

This morning my internet was out very briefly. We have the same provider for both TV and internet, and TV is my husband's lifeline to the world when he's home, so making sure we didn't have a cable problem was Priority One.

I switched on the TV at random, just to check, and landed on TLC, where an old episode of "What Not to Wear" was showing.

I used to LOVE that show. Couldn't get enough. I started with the British version -- Trinny and Susannah, whose trademark move was bouncing a woman's breasts with their hands and exclaiming "Tits!" Actually, that was not my favorite part of that show, but I watched anyway, and then they came up with an American version with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly.

I binge-watched that version even more than the BBC one. But when they stopped renewing the show, my attention drifted away. It was odd watching it this morning. And it seems a new chapter opened in my life -- one that does not care for this sho…