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Showing posts from July 9, 2017

10 Things I've Learned From Watching "The Walking Dead"

by Vol-E

As usual, I'm late discovering something that's wildly popular with 99% of the population. Thanks to Netflix and Boredom (not to be confused with Netflix and Chill), AMC's original series The Walking Dead has become my current addiction. If you are not familiar with the show and this blog post piques your curiosity, please be aware that this is not your parents' TV. The camera doesn't move away when the zombies move in for the kill -- in fact, you can count on close-ups every time and enough cranberry sauce, everywhere, to make you beg off Thanksgiving celebrations for the next several years, and probably convert to vegetarianism in the bargain. The word "splat" shows up a lot in the closed captions. In short, it's NOT for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. 

I suspect that most people, like me, tune in with three thoughts in the backs of their minds:  What would I do if a zombie apocalypse actually took place?How long would I last?Is that ho…