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Lady Sports

by The Urban Blabbermouth
~ Why are women competing in Track and Field?  Track and Field events are men’s events.  Track and Field events fall into three areas, throwing things (spear), jumping over things (high jump), and running, all showing off hunting skills.    The events are designed for men, conforming to men’s bodies and roles, and women are forced into competing in these events.   You can see how this works against women.  Women who win at track and field tend to have physiques like small bosoms and narrow hips, sort of man-ish.  Not many women with hourglass figures succeed and win Olympic medals.  What events fit women’s bodies and skills?  What are women good at?  I don’t know.  Not sure anyone does.  I have heard that women are more dexterous than men and can multi-task better.  I suppose we could combine some track and field events to use these skills.  How about a race where an athlete has to jump over ten hu…