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Princess and the Frog

by  The Urban Blabbermouth
A princess was strolling by a pond when a voice called out, “Princess! Princess!”

“Who is that?” asked the princess.

“It’s me, the frog, over here by the pond,” said the voice.

The princess approached the pond and stared in wonderment, “Will you look at that, a talking frog.”

The frog said, “Princess, I need your help. I am a prince and a witch changed me into a frog. I need your help to change back into a prince.”

“Oh, Mr. Frog, that is terrible,” said the princess. “What can I do to help?”

“Well, to be spiteful, the witch told me that only when a princess willingly consents to kiss me as a frog will I turn back into a prince.”

"So you want me to kiss you?"

“Yes Princess, if you would be so kind as to help a stranded man.”

“But Mr. Frog, did you do something to cause the witch to change you into a frog?”

“No Princess, I did nothing to the w…