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The Singing Sword

Original cover painting by Bob Larkin from Savage Sword of Conan #206,
by The Urban Blabbermouth
Jana ran for the last hour from them.  Her fast breath surrounded her head with steam in the cold mountain air as she paused, looking for hiding places.   Jana avoided her pursuers, slipping in and out of the nooks and crevices of the mountain.  Those same nooks and crevices worked to offset the speed of the pursuing vampires.  The vampires could not see her in the heavy snow, nor smell her blood in the extreme cold. Score one for Jana.

Jana ran out of the mountain onto the plains.  Now the vampires could speedily catch her, if they could locate her.  Score one for the vampires.

Moving through the snowy plains, Jana heard a mournful dirge carried in the wind.  Ah, people, maybe some help.  She ran towards the music. 

Jana came upon a sword, jutting from a snowy mound.  A singing sword?  No matter, it's a weapon.