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Preachy Fables

by The Urban Blabbermouth

Green with Envy

The road to Farmers' Market in the town square was clogged with wagons filled with fruits and vegetables.  As a wagon passed the wizard's castle, the tired horse pulling the wagon was heard to say to his draft partner, "Oh, if only we worked as the wizard's horses.   Every night we would sleep in an air conditioned stable and eat the sweetest hay."

Just at that moment, the wizard's carriage appeared on the opposite side of the road.  The carriage was filled with the wizard and his apprentices.  The tired horse pulling the carriage was heard to says to his draft partner,  "Oh if only we worked as the farmer's horses.  Every night we would sleep in the fresh country air and eat healthy green grasses."

The nearby dog who overheard the horses' conversation said, "Well, bless my soul, talking horses!"

Swimming with the Fishes

A knight i…