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Showing posts from August 27, 2017

The Eclipse

by The Urban Blabbermouth
 It’s seven o’clock in the morning and you get up raring to go. There is a lunar eclipse today at high noon and you plan to brew an extremely rare potion. It’s the one that uses the petals of the Lunar Lotus, a flower that blooms only in the few minutes of a lunar eclipse, once every one hundred years.

You run to your workroom, grab the potted Lunar Lotus that has been passed down through generations of family wizards to you. You jump on your flying carpet and head out to the highest mountain peak three thousand miles away. On the way there you see clouds and they turn into rain. Oh no, clouds, rain, no lunar eclipse to shine on the Lunar Lotus. What to do? There is always a weather control spell, but your spell manual is back at your workshop.

You fly back at top speed, run to your workshop, stepping on your pet dragon’s tail. Oww, he singes you in retaliation. Oh well, to the bookshelf. Where is it? Where is it? Oh no!  and you slap y…