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Showing posts from September 3, 2017

The Art of Hiring

by The Urban Blabbermouth
A casting director was speaking on selecting actors:  "When they leave the room, you know that they are not quite right.  When they are right you know it immediately. But many times, you just pick the best of those who show up."  How unlike the hiring process at many companies.

There is a saying in business hiring, A people hire B people and B people hire C people, and so on.  You would think that businesses would want to hire the best candidates.  Not true - it's not just a talent thing.

Many successful businesses intentionally hire an A person and surround them with B people.  Imagine a salesman who has a team built around him.  He is so successful that he is paid more money than all the employees of the company added together.  I would hate him but - and this is is a huge BUT - he keeps the company profitable and my job alive.  Still, I hate him.  Think what you could d…