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Showing posts from September 18, 2017

My TV Family

by The Urban Blabbermouth
I watched a TV commercial for an upcoming show: Sheldon of The Big Bang Theory as a little boy interacting with his siblings and his parents.  A realization hit me. All TV shows are about family.  All TV shows are about groups of people and how they interact with each other.  

Name the show and there is family.  Take Scandal.  I don't watch the show but the little I see is how the people in the firm interact with each other.  Hospital shows, House or M*A*S*H  to throw out names, are automatically family shows since the core is always a medical team of doctors, nurses, X-ray techs and the obstreperous bean counters.  Even a crime show where there are only two characters is a family show.  Think of Sherlock Holmes and Watson in Elementary.  That must make the police cousins of some sort.  Say, why aren't Holmes and Watson getting it on?  Watson is so hot! 

We, the audience, are the extended family. We get sucked into the shows' drama, picking …