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I am what I eat

by The Urban Blabbermouth
I went to a lecture at my company's health fair.  Turns out that many illnesses you would not think of are really dietary problems.

The example given was diabetes as a dietary problem, not a malfunctioning organ problem.  The proof offered was that obese people with diabetes had the Lap Band surgery and the diabetes went away.  Losing weight helped, but it appears constricted eating was a bigger factor.  Doctors are mystified by this.  Me too.

I learned that people with diabetes have problems absorbing nutrients and minerals like magnesium.  Insufficient magnesium means poor blood sugar control, heart diseases, osteoporosis, and other equally serious ailments.  The lecturer pointed out doctors will give you medicines for diabetic related aliments, but they almost never think to adjust their patient's diet. 

The Fair had the usual medical folks, doctors and nurses, checking blood pressur…