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Showing posts from October 10, 2017

Love and Terror at the Goodwill Outlet

Here's a great psychological exercise. Look at this picture and make note of your reaction. Do you think Yech, what a disorganized mess! Used clothes with no order to them -- I'll bet they're dirty! Get me to a nice normal store with racks and hangers and outrageously jacked-up prices that have been "marked down!" The American Way of Retail for me, thank you very much!

Or, do you begin to salivate and imagine yourself plunging in, tossing one garment after another to the side until you find a viable candidate that you can either wear (after a good wash at home, of course), rehabilitate, re-gift to a family member, sell online, re-donate, or ultimately toss? If the latter is "you," then find the nearest Goodwill Outlet and get ready to ... acquire.