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Showing posts from October 14, 2017

Just a quick rant out of nowhere

I love Van Halen. I even like Sammy Hagar almost as much as David Lee Roth.

My favorite VH song of all time is "Panama." Some older guy once wrote a disgruntled letter to the band, complaining that all they ever produced were songs about sex, drugs and cars. David Lee Roth read this and reflected "You know, I've never written a song about a car! Maybe I should!" And "Panama" was born.

I reach down...between my legs...ease the seat back...

That's a good song. Cleverly written.

But then you get THIS:

How will I know when it's love? 
I can't tell you but it lasts forever.
How does it feel when it's love?
It's just something you feel together.

Wait -- WHAT?
Who wrote this dreck? An 11-year-old girl on the Dr. Phil Show? Sitting with her parents on the stage, as she tries to explain WHY she should be allowed to marry that nice 22-year-old guy down the block?
As the Good Doctor would say, "Honey, that dog won't hunt."