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Play that Funky Music

Rudolph wanted to be the best musician in his town. When he played his music in the town square, the villagers shouted jeers at him. The children laughed and made cruel fun of him. 

One day while brooding on his fate, Rudolph heard a storyteller: "Ulysses listened to the Sirens' song that lures men to them."


Rudolph ran to the docks.  As fate decreed, Rudolph had a childhood friend, Zorba the Greek, who owned a fishing boat.

"Friend Zorba, you must take me to Siren Island. I will hear the Sirens' song and lure an audience to me. I will be famous."

"No! You're crazy.  It is too dangerous," said a horrified Zorba.

"You must!" shouted Rudolph.  "Do as the myth tells us, tie me to the mast and seal up your ears with wax."

"Foolish, but, it may work," nodded Zorba.

And so it was that they sailed to Siren Island. Rudolph, hearing the Sirens' song, swooned with pleasure, des…