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Sister Drama

Jenna-Day sat next to the body, first looking at its face, then at its chest moving in sleep breathing.  She gulped in a breath and held it to settle her stomach.   She reached over and poked the body's forehead with her finger, speaking into her sister’s mind through the touch, “Wake up, we have a problem.”

“What has happened?” asked Jenna-Night into her sister’s mind.

“First, let’s switch,” said Jenna-Day.

The sisters exchanged bodies through their touch. Jenna-Day entered the comatose body as Jenna-Night entered the awake body. The sisters shared the single body -- one awake by day and other awake by night. It was a gift from the midwife witch who separated the conjoined twins but left one comatose.

Jenna-Night moved her finger from the forehead and held the comatose body's hand.  "What is it?" she asked. 

“We are pregnant,” said Jenna-Day. “I felt sick this morning after our exchange.”