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Triangle Trucks

I was three years old, and in our house, the kitchen table was right up against the window to our front yard and the street beyond. So I'd sit there eating breakfast, and three days a week our local township would send the "garbage man" as we called him, around to pick up our trash. As I recall, we didn't even have to set the cans out -- galvanized aluminum, remember those? -- the collector would just trot up our short driveway, pick up the cans and haul them out to the truck. Seated at the table, I got to watch this routine frequently.

Garbage (waste disposal) trucks really haven't changed much since the early 1960s. They might operate more efficiently now, but to my layperson's eyes, they're the same. The "business end" isn't square or rectangular; it's not precisely a triangle, either. But what does a three-year-old know? It's got a rounded, curved outside edge.

Kind of like the edge of a slice of toast, when you cut it into quar…