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Observing Crime

by The Urban Blabbermouth
The naked man lay face down on the bed as if sleeping on his stomach. The six knives sticking out its back gave it away: murder. 

“What do you see?” asked Sherlock Holmes.

“A puzzle,” replied Joan Watson. “Locked room and no disturbance to the body.”

“Use your nose, woman, and all is revealed,” said Holmes.

Watson sniffed and sniffed. “I smell some,” sniff “sulfur?”

“Surely now it is quite clear to one as dense as you how this crime was done.”

“Well… no.”

“Bah, sulfur is the body odor of a demon. A demon appeared over the sleeping body and slammed the knives into the back.”

“You have over-thought this, Holmes. The sulfur smell comes from the rotten eggs over by the kitchen sink.”

“Ahhh.” Holmes pondered a moment. “The demon showered before he came here.”

“And the lipstick on the pillow near the victim’s head?”

“Obvious Watson, a lady demon of course.”

“Why would a demon kill this man?” asked Watson.

Homes fell into deep thought. “He is naked, so there was phy…