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Emotional Resume

We have a recently divorced woman in my office.  Now, I have not spoken to her on this, but I think she is looking for someone to start up dating once again.  I can tell this because she used to be a hausfrau- plump and dressed in comfortable but dull clothes.  Now she is slim and fabulously fashionable.

I wonder how her first dates must go, much like job interview.  That of course means that here is a resume floating around somewhere.  What do you suppose appears on an Emotional Resume (not necessarily hers)?

Objective - Boyfriend with lots of money, Trophy Girlfriend , marriage, multiple friends with benefits. 

Experience - Married five times, had a boyfriend and a girlfriend at the same time,  many failed relationships over my adult life, runaway bride, stalking my Ex., Twenty Weddings and a Funeral.

Education - School of Broken Hearts, read a lot of self-help books,  binge-watched Maury Povich

Skills - Great in the bedroom, commitment avoidance, lying but can cook well, clingy…