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Showing posts from December 16, 2017

How Netflix and Amazon failed me

by The Urban Blabbermouth
I don't go to the movies anymore.  The last movie I went to was Murder on the Orient Express and that is my first visit to a movie theater in six months or so.

These days, movies come to me.  I have Netflix and Amazon.  I have a thousand- something movies on hand and most of them I do not watch because I cannot find the movies I like.

Netflix and Amazon have those "because you watched" or "most people bought"  or "trending" or "what's new" categories.  I usually start my search there.  I don't understand how Netflix or Amazon pick films for these categories.  All I see are the same movies.  I like action films, so these categories are full of action films.  If I want to see some other kind of film, say a comedy, I have a hard time finding one.

My wife watches Netflix and Amazon.  She prefers a different kind of movie.  Recently, she watched a Christmas family movie featuring dogs as the stars.  That m…